Great-Grandpa and
Grandma Ruppert
Mom and Dad
Aunt Althea
Great-Granduncle Jake
Great-Granduncle Georgie
At Left, my good friend Henry Z. Steinway and I at his office.  We
would have lunch at
Shelly's across the street (we called it "the
old automat") few times a month and talk about old New York
City...he via his Life Experience (he's 93 here!) and me via my

So long
Henry...see you soon.  I'll miss you.
My good friend and college buddy (and psychic!)  Leo Montegut and
me at the 2004 Harvest Cup Polo Classic, my favorite event to attend
in Greater New Orleans.
My good friend Kathy Jolowicz
(seen here smiling and
carefree in Manhattan like
Marlo Thomas in the opening
of scenes of
"That Girl!")...she
is a laureate historian of the
Yorkville neighborhood of
Manhattan and of
German-American History as
well as being President of the
Historical Society.  Her mother
Ruth von Eltzsch-Jolowicz
and her cousin was notable
New Yorker
Dietrich Franz
Jolowicz.  Click here to hear
Kathy Jolowicz's WFUV
interview on Yorkville and
At Left, my wonderful
friends from my old
NYC neighborhood:
Albert, Marilyn and
Adele.  We lost Adele
in 2011 and Marilyn in
Left, long-time dearest-most
friend for many years, Liselle.
At left, my good friend Marika Menutis Marcello  and
me attending the 2005 Opera Ball in New Orleans.
Great-Grandaunt Amanda
(Center), her husband
Garry Sr., with their children

, Garry Jr., and Helen.  This
was taken at Amanda and Garry's
50th wedding anniversary in
Great-Great-Grandma's Family,
the Gilligs
Grandma and Grandpa Ruppert
Great-Great-Grand Dad
Jacob Ruppert, Sr.
My Siblings
Joseph III, Gregory, Melissa, Jason & Me.
Cousin Cornelia with her dogs in at
the old house on Flagler Rd. in
Greenwich, CT.
My Great-Great Grandmother, Anna
Left, one of the beloved giants of my
Rachel Mae McKinney-Sykes.
(above) My great friends and the best (and
most beautiful!) professional colleagues:
Cyndi Christian (left) and Nancy J. Heck.  I
bunked with both of them and their families
during  my evacuation odyssey across two
(above) Lookie here!  Jody done moved to
Hawaii!  Oh, the fun we had at UNO and on Gull St.!
One of the most
accomplished and  funny
of friends,
Right: My grandfather's first cousin, Jacob Ruppert
Schalk (1896-1962) (fourth from left) on his boat, "The
Linwood" in 1936 which he used in 1935 to raise The
Philadelphia, Benedict Arnold's Revolutionary War
gunboat that sunk in Lake Champlain in October of 1776.
The Philadelphia now sits in the Smithsonian.   Jacob
("Rupp") was the last resident of the old family home in
Rhinebeck, NY (Linwood, which my Dad affectionately
called "the Old Man's House" referring to his
great-grandfather who built it) and in 1962 he
bequeathed it to the
Sisters of St. Ursula who now
operate it as a
retreat center.  The Sisters are so kind to
still let us roam around the place when we are waxing
Merry Christmas, Jack!  See you soon!
Cousin Cornelia
and her Mom,
Troy Wayne Campbell, Jr.  
5.30.1963 - 4.11.2008
Left, my good friend and
former NYC neighbor (and
my former joint custodian of
a part-time cat named
Arnold), Esther Haddass.
Voici, la première addition à la famille de
Dina et Charles: Chloé Louise!


(Crois-tu que je suis la demie-acadienne?)
It's so nice to have a man around the house...
Phoebe Lavender Merlis
(5.26.1920 - 10.10.2003)
loving wife of Lawrence Irving Merlis
Miss you, Phoebeleh!
Above, my  great-granduncle, native New Orleanian, Nahan Franko, who married my
great-grandaunt, Cornelia Anna Ruppert, in 1895, his second wife.  He was a noted
musician and the first American-born concert master and later music director of the
Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.  He later started his own orchestra under his own name.
The music you are hearing is his Blue Danube, recorded January 20, 1920.

To the left, his third wife and widow, notable German actress, Anna Braga.
Patricia Dolan.  1939 - 2011
New Yorker.

You are deeply missed.
Thank you for your making New York City a better place to live
Grandpa's cousins, Sisters Ruth Rita Silleck (later Mrs. J.B.MaGuire) and
Helen Ruppert Silleck (Mrs. Frank Joseph Holleran) in the 1930s.  The
children are Glenna and Richard  Holleran.
 Richard passed away this
summer (2012), the last of our family to speak German fluently and to have
worked in the beer brewing industry.
Above, notwithstanding his denials,
is my good friend and former
colleague, Darin.  :-)  He's now a
dean at Fordham Law School.
Below, Helen
and Joe's home
in Deer Park,
Greenwich, CT
taken in the
early 40s.
Below, dear friend, former co-worker, neighbor and office mate, fellow attorney and fellow Type 1
 Jordan G. McFaull, J.D.  Taken from us all too soon.  Please support diabetes research.
PASSION by Jordan G. McFaull, Esq.

Give me the passionate ones,
thoes ever watchful hawks of change burning
with the incandescent brilliance of
innovation, exploration and motive,

Give me He, who lives a million years in
the blink of an eye, who fights,who dies, who cares,

Give me the one who never ceases to be
ready for the new day ahead and tomorrow's
better horizon,

Thoes who yearn for revolution, speak for
themselves, and instill the indomitable
sense of victory within the diffident
flock of apathy and complacence,

Give me He, who judges his step by the feel
of the wind, the warmth of the sun, and
the constant voice which says, press on,
press on, and don't stop.
Anna Braga
(the third Mrs. Nahan Franko)