If you are a little confused as to where in the State of
Louisiana I now live after having left New Orleans, look
at the map at left to see where Sabine Parish is located.

Click each picture below to view a larger image.
This is the Sabine Parish Courthouse
where my primary office is located.  I am
Court Counsel and District Hearing
Officer of the 11th Judicial District Court
of the State of Louisiana.  At left is the
courthouse about 1930, built in 1917
(replacing one built on this site in 1897),
and at right as it stands today after its
rebuilding in 1957.
Pictures of San Antonio Avenue,
the main drag of Many, LA
Above far right, the Sabine Theater (aka "The Sabine").  It was once the
neighborhood cinema for the town, but it is now owned by the city and serves
as a muti-purpose facility for groups and performances of all kinds.  It is also
a proscenium stage where frequent live music and theatre productions are
held.  It still has its original projection room and projector that is cranked up
every December when popular District Court Judge Stephen B. Beasley
sponsors a free showing of "Miracle on 34th Street."
At right, besides being the local
eye-sore, it is quite the landmark.  
I call it "The Alamo" (that many
locals choose NOT to remember...)  
The lettering on the facade
(viewable by most orbiting
satellites) announces the building
as a museum.  Upon entering one
discovers a pawn shop...The second
story window of the neighboring
building (far left) of The Alamo is
that of my first apartment here in
Many (825 San Antonio Avenue)
when I relocated here after
Below, looking west at sundown.  Above,
looking east at sundown.  All of downtown
looks like a Paramount Studios movie
lot...only thing missing are the saloon doors
and ragtime music on a sour piano.
Below at left, the old McNeely
Hotel.  It is now a private luxury
apartment on the second floor with
a commercial office space below.
My Life in Many, Louisiana
These are photos taken of downtown Many (pronounced MAN-nee), the largest city in Sabine Parish
Suh-BEAN PAIR-ish) as well as being the parish (county) seat.  It was founded May 17, 1843 and
named for Colonel John B. Many, commander of the garrison at Fort Jesup appointed in 1822 by Lt.
Col. Zachary Taylor (later our 12th President, Mr. "Old Rough 'n Ready" himself, 1849-1850).  At
that time it was the major American fortification on the Southwestern frontier, second in size only to
New Orleans.  The downtown strip is Louisiana State Highway 6, a.k.a. San Antonio Avenue, within
the Many city limits.  For more information on the history of the quaint town,
click here.
The Sabine Parish Courtroom on the second floor of the Courthouse.
A view from the Bench
The private law library located in
Chambers.  I spend much of my time
here not only doing electronic and hardcopy research, but also smaller
and more intimate hearings are conducted here.  The table and chairs
are from the original courthouse constructed in 1897.
Below, photos from the annual Christmas Parade,
Below, that is my home in
the background, ...a duplex
with a cedar facade that is
directly across the street
from the Courthouse (great
commute!).  The white
building behind my home is
the District Attorney's Office.