In the above picture, you can see the
beautifully restored stained glass square
oculus in the ceiling.  It's beautiful
marriage of Victorian and Arts & Crafts
styles.  Click for larger view.
Interior of the Desoto Parish Courthouse where I work.  As
Judicial Law Clerk to the Judge, I sit at the far left of the
elevated table in front of the Judge's Bench.
At left is the first DeSoto Parish Courthouse
built in 1844 by William Crosby and Jesse
Pugh.  It is a hand-hen log structure still
standing with its original bell used to summon
litigants to court. Below is the Mansfield
Historic Civil War Battlefield where the Battle
of Mansfield was fought.
The old Mansfield Train Station that is
now the DeSoto Parish Council on
Left, one of the common beautiful scenes in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana.
Photos of the DeSoto Parish Courthouse
11th Judical District Court of Louisiana
Mansfield, LA.
This is the DeSoto Parish Courthouse located in Mansfield, LA and is one of the two
courthouses of the 11th Judicial District Court of the State of Louisiana.
A view from the Bench
The smaller courtroom
A view of a house in DeSoto
Parish.  I took this picture as the
scene looks like it came from an
Andrew Wyeth painting.