My surreal weekend at the induction of
Col. Jacob Ruppert, Jr. to the National
Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown,
New York, July, 2013.
Jennifer Steinbrenner and her husband Steve Swindall.   They
were both very supportive and congratulatory for the induction
of Jacob Ruppert.  She was very attentive and quite gracious,
something very meaningful to me.  She actually sought me out to
congratulate me.  Jen, with her siblings, Hal, Hank, and Jess,
now own the Yankees ball team.
The Plaque.  All bronze.
The Otesaga Hotel in Cooperstown, New York, ground-zero for the annual ceremonies each year.  
Stunning views in the rear of Otesaga Lake.  A terrific time had here as a weekend playground.
All the men-folk taking a quick
pic at the Otesaga Hotel Lobby
before being leaving for the
outdoor induction ceremony at  
Doubleday Field.
The Ceremony
The actual physical installation of the plaque into the Hall of Fame Rotunda was done during the concluding event on Sunday evening.  
Surprisingly, Anne and I were the only family members left at the end of the weekend  to meet the press and to take pictures!  We had a such a
fun time that night.  Notice the white plaques behind us reserved for future Hall of Famers.
The Hall of Fame Rotunda.
Of course, there
always must be a

LEFT: The induction
party after the parade
down Main Street in
This shot took
several attempts.  
The plaque was
extremely heavy.
My tickets and ID.  No one was
allowed in the hotel without
HOF credentials.  The entire
resort is reserved exclusively
for the HOF each July.
BELOW: The opening party, presented by the Chairman of the  Hall of Fame, was
held at the Glimmerglen estate in Cooperstown.  The theme was "A Night in
Bombay."  Security was TIGHT, replete with bomb-sniffing German shepherds.